Links & Kings

Golf is a game like no other. It captures your soul and becomes part of you. Its heritage is beyond compare, its traditions deep. From this comes our inspiration.


Dedicated to being the best in our field, we travel the world sourcing the finest materials to create products that are as unique as they are special. Our master artisans handcraft each piece with meticulous detail ensuring the highest quality. We strive to make Links & Kings an experience; a connection to golf’s purity.

From the time founder, Adam Heindorff, undertook the pursuit to create a collection of distinguished leather products for the discerning golfer, we have endeavored to be different. From taking the time to find the very best leather, to the endless training of artisans, we pursue excellence.


Because we craft every product from scratch, unique customization is endless. Selections of leather, finish, thread, color, logo and other elements allow the creation of truly bespoke products.