Cobra Golf is one of the major golf equipment manufacturers, producing a full line of golf clubs (minus putters) as well as accessories such as golf bags. Today, Cobra Golf is a division of Puma, which acquired Cobra from the Acushnet Company (owners of the Titleist brand) in 2010.

Over the years, Cobra became a name associated with game-improvement clubs on the basis of other innovations: In 1985, Cobra Golf became the first United States-based equipment manufacturer to offer graphite shafts as stock options in woods and irons; in 1992, Cobra became the first major company to offer a full set of oversized irons.

Other Cobra innovations include developing the autoclaving manufacturing process that allowed for strengthening of graphite shafts; and in 2000, developing the Airweight shaft, the first graphite shaft of less than 50 grams in weight.

In 2017, Cobra became the first major brand since Tommy Armour Golf in the 1980s to introduce sets of single-length irons to the consumer market.